Well, it's a commercial reel, presenting a car, named Nexia. We made it about three years ago, and for me it was a first big job I made as an art-director, so I like it, anyway. 
This car is produced by Uzbekistan joint venture, Uz Daewoo. As you may know - there isn't much people in Russia (and in some other ex-USSR republics) that can afford brand new BMW. The other hand, even those, who CAN afford russian car, would rather buy seven-years-old BMW. :) That's why the Nexia is an optimal solution for such people it's affordable and much more reliable, than Avtovas's production. This car hasn't been changed for years, so the main idea of this reel was to show that the time is changing, but the classics remains. (Yes, I wold be glad to make a commercials  for Lexus, Jaguar or Mercedes, but I live in Russia, and there isn't much choice, so I have to do well what I have to do.  :-P )
The idea wasn't mine, but I made a whole storyboard, direction, virtual camera set up'n'animation,  full animatic, music editing, compositing and final editing. (Also I modelled & rendered two final plans with modern city, and idea with a train was mine too.:) ). So, as all of us knew that it's not an ultra-modern super-car, we just tried to create a positive atmosphere around it. 
When the work was finished, the Uz Daewoo representatives asked us to change the final part 'cause they DID the car restyling (exterior only). They call it Nexia NEW. After that the whole idea of the reel stared to look like this: "the time is changing, the classics remains, but it's changing too, a little".:) That's how we have things done here in Russia. 

Should I mention, that they asked us to make the reel "more coloreful and saturated"? ;) 
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